The Kölnbrein Dam, Austria's highest dam!

Exhibition Verbund Energy World Malta with pictures of the Alps Adriatic Collection by Verbund | © Verbund Tourismus GmbH

VERBUND Energy World Malta!

... simply interactive, VERBUND Energy World Malta!

In the Energy World Malta you can learn more about the construction of the Kölnbrein dam with the help of historical photographs. A relief offers insights into the Malta Reisseck power plant group.  

In addition, you can obtain comprehensive information about the Malta power plant group, including the newly built underground pumped storage power plant.

Spectacular Airwalk

on Austria's highest dam, the Kölnbrein-dam, you stand on a glass surface, with 200 metres of view into the naked abyss


is the view of the high alpine landscape of the Hohe Tauern from the "Airwalk" at the Kölnbrein-dam! A special, unique experience. The glass viewing platform is freely accessible to all visitors.


Gain exciting insights into the world of VERBUND! Explore Austria's highest dam, accompanied by a guide, on a tour of the Kölnbrein-dam and see with your own eyes how electricity is generated from hydropower.

The guided tours take place on a regular basis and last approx. 1 hour.